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Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering

Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro



Graduate Program of Chemical Engineering, Materials and Environmental Processes

Deqm’s M.Sc. and Dr.Eng. studies and research are divided into three major areas: Chemical Engineering, Materials & Nanotechnology as well as Environmental Sciences. Each of these are subdivided into three streams of research. Through this classification, it is possible to better meet the demands for technological development, both working in new research projects and training the professionals capable of responding to challenges and demands of the job market. Therefore, it covers a vast area of ​​knowledge, encompassing fundamental chemistry, industry processes, materials, nanotechnology, and environmental engineering.

For now, there are no open positions for postdoctoral researchers in our group.

How to Apply to the Graduate Program

An important detail about our department's program is that we admit graduate students prior to their option of supervisor (although it’s best to have a few professors or streams of research in mind that you’d like to work with).

This allows us to find suitable matches between students, their research interests and current developments in the department. 
If you have any questions about the selection process, please direct them to the department's Graduate Program email (

Image by Ant Rozetsky

Good Luck!

Once you have been admitted to Deqm, feel free to contact me, or any other professor, to discuss possible projects or positions in within the academic program. We can also have this discussion before the application itself.

You can read more about how we develop our projects on the Research tab of this website. 

Good luck with your application!

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