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Research Themes

Here we present some of the areas of interest in which our group's investigations deals with. All of these have grants from Brazilian agencies supporting their developments.


Scholarships for students are mostly offered by the department's graduate program an follows their criteria to distribute the resource among students. Under this perspective, students are usually free to choose the theme of their interest in our research group. Open vacancies to a specific project, when available, are offered in the "Deqm/PUC-Rio" page of this website.  

Obras siderúrgicas



Design of processing routes for extraction of critical raw materials mostlty by roast-leach methods. Thermodynamics simulations and kinetics studies related to reaction systems feasibility and selectivity. Recently, we focus our efforts on sulfide minerals, nickeliferous laterites and glauconite ore.


Waste Treatment

Recovery of metals and materials of technological interest by means of high-temperature processing followed by unit operations for selective separatios. The typical resources in our recent studies are e-waste, vanadiferous titanomagnetite waste and steelmaking residues.

Circuito eletronico
Poluição ambiental


Environmental Modeling

Development of mass-balance models to assesss exposure information related to metals as well as mineral-metallurgical and petrochemical contaminantes in Brazilian water bodies and its adjacent compartments. We are now working on Hg, among other metals, as well as plastics and PAH's on bays and lagoons.


Multiphysics Modeling

Mineral processing operations, extractive metallurgy processes as well as droplets dispersion are multiphysical phenomena, mostly based on the transport of momentum, heat and mass. This segment of our group's research deals with the simulations associated with chlorine method and sulfide roasting processes and also with aerosols fluid dynamics behavior. 

Drops of Water
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